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Guard Rail Netting- 70cm wide sold by the linier metre closed

£1.95 £1.70(inc VAT)

Manufacturer: Kingfisher

Stock Level: 1000


Product Information

A very underrated safety product. Guard rail netting fixed around the boat's stanchions not only stops children from falling overboard, but also keeps lines, sails etc on deck. Made from high tenacity nylon, it is able to absorb load shocks
Add 25% to any order to allow for distortion recovery as the netting is pulled closed on the roll.
This netting can be manipulated to be as tall as 85cm x what ever your linier measurment is to finish, this is the extreme of distortion.
we would advise working to 65cm to mantain an equal mesh shape all round of 50mm x  50mm.
Great for land based applications too, balcony spindle infill etc.

Product Code: grn

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